Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inspirational: Messages from Meisyn

Our family is adopting, through the course of our adoption we met Stefani.  Through Stefani I have met her family. I can not claim to know them inside and out! I can claim to know that they are a pretty awesome family.  I have been able to capture some moments for them that I hope show the love they have for each other.  They are going through something right now that has inspired so many people. Here is the blog that Stefani started with her daughter Meisyn:

And here are the pictures that hopefully tell their story:

 Thank You Ellison Family and Thank You Meisyn

The Horton Family

Were do I begin with this family! Well to just wrap it all up in one word would be fantastically fabulous ( I am claiming that as one word). 

Love the last name

I have a fondness for this families last name( its my oldest son's first name!) I also have a fondness for how cute these kids are! 

Grown so much!!

It had a been a year since I had taken this sweet little girls photos! She had grown so much.

I could not help myself

Below are a series of photo's that I could not resist.  These guys are all sibling!!! They went from mad to laughing in two seconds and I just happened to capture it.  Some of my all time favorite photos ever! And it was the sweet little girl that set the boys in their place:)